About the Organisation:

Man is a social animal and every human being is having own calibre and ways of approach. It is very crucial to persuade the issues since everyone is right on their own way. Members of similar fraternity can shape an organisation. It is to be noted that, unless and until any such fraternity, collectively accomplishes a common theme; there will be no hope for its prosperity. It is very hard and rare to expect every individual should have the same clue and preparedness to work on it. This happen because of different notes of every individuals where unanimity may not be reached. Rational drive will be to safe guard the interest and the betterment of self as few will prioritize the larger concern and loyalty to the theme.

Government is law maker, frames rules and regulations, notifies such enactments, amendments and modalities, then publish the same into public domain, make it available to general public through archives of the official gazette/s. Government department being the regulator, sensibly adhere to administer and enforce it.

It is the constitutional responsibility of everyone to promptly give essential compliance in accordance with the provisions of respective Act, with procedure and formalities as stipulated therein, discharge legitimate duties if any due to the government, by depositing it accurately on time to the government/s account.

Though consumer citizen is the ultimate tax payer on goods and services, the supplier is liable to charge and discharge such indirect taxes to the government under the obligation on such transactions of supply, merely act as a collector in chain. But, the direct taxes are payable to the government directly by the entities. Faculty Professional is proposed as catalyst, adviser and cupid guard has a great scope and role in implementing it smoothly.

With a hope, this is an attempt to harmoniously develop such atmosphere towards the concept of all-inclusiveness among whole of the society. This organisation is founded to stand-in support of all the participants, within the frame work of law and constitution, to carry out various researches in the field of Education related to law, taxation and compliance to create reliable perception in all possible ways with the support and participation of all the stake holders viz., Government Departments of Law & Taxation, Trade & Industries, Organisations of Business & Commerce, Personnel & Professionals and institutions of Law and Tax professionals, Retired workforces of Departments of Law & Taxation including aspirants.

We offer various educative segmentations to cure the deficiencies to strengthen the attitude of the stake holders by pooling thoughts from the public, extend open-handed to the government to resolve the hurdles in the socio-economic activities.

It is always said “Go to the nature, Nature is your teacher and future ”. One among it and the step is “Know Laws for No Loss”.

    Motto of the organisation is to create receptiveness on the themes of:
  • 1. Protocol.
  • 2. Education & Law.
  • 3. Political science & implementation.
  • 4. Sociology & Mingling.
  • 5. Psychology & Perspective.
  • 6. History & Experience.
  • 7. Philosophy & Harmony.
  • 8. Economy & Economics.
  • 9. Accounting & Finance.
  • 10. Taxation & Compliance.
  • 11. Ethics.
  • 12. Management & Supervision.

It is our humble prayer with the readers, while reading this edition, the beneficiary should bear the perception that being a learning student irrespective of the status. Feedbacks are welcome.